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Daumantas of Pskov

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The holy and right-believing '''Dovmont''' (Timothy in Holy [[Baptism]]) is a [[saint]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church]].
Dovmont was born to a pagan noble family in thirteenth century Lithuania. About 1265 he left his country with his family and sought refuge in nearby Pskov. There he was baptized under the name of Timothy. Seeing the bravery and God-given talent of Dovmont, the local people chose him as their prince. For thirty-three years he defended northwestern Russia from pagans, including his fellow Lithuanians, and from the Teutonic Knights. He was noted for his virtue, love of truth, and mercy to the poor. Dovmont was given to [[prayer]] and [[fasting]]. He reposed in 1299, was interred in Trinity [[Cathedral]] in Pskov, and came to be venerated as a saint.

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