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Charitina of Lithuania

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'''Charitina''' is a saint of the [[Russian Orthodox Church]].
The holy princess Charitina was born into a noble Lithuanian family in the mid-thirteenth century. Oppressive paganism and civil strife under the Grand Duke Algirdas (Olgierd) forced to leave her homeland. She sought refuge in Russia, making her way to Novgorod. Charitina entered the [[Convent ]] of Sts. Peter and Paul, which had been founded in the the twelfth century. Some sources indicate that she was betrothed to the Russian prince Theodore, but relinquished her royal privileges when she became a nun. She lived a strict, [[ascetic]] life and became Abbess of the convent. She reposed at the end of the thirteenth century and came to be revered as a saint of God. Her [[relics]] remained at Sts. Peter and Paul church until the Russian Revolution.
St. Charitina is commemorated on 5 October.

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