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Anthony, John, and Eustathius of Vilnius

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'''Anthony, John, and Eustathiusof Vilnius''' (Eustathios Lithuanian: ''Antanas, Jonas ir Eustachijus'') or Eustace) are '''The Three Martyrs of Vilnius''' were 14th century [[martyrs]] (d. 1347) of the [[Russian Orthodox Church]]in Lithuania.
They The brothers Kumetis and Nizilas were attached to the Muscovite mission in the court of the formerly pagan warlord, Algirdas (Olgierd) of Lithuania. Algirdas was married converts to a Russian [[Christian]] princessChristianity, and the missionaries were permitted only to minister to the religious needs of taking the princess names Anthony and her retinueJohn in baptism. All [[Proselytism|proselytising]] was strictly proscribed. The three youths were apprehended for preaching in public and brought before Algirdas Their cousin Krulis later converted, who ordered them to consume meat during a solemn [[fast]]. When they refusedfollowing their example, he had them tortured and killed. Their incorrupt [[relics]] are entombed in a crypt below the [[altar]] of the [[cathedral]] [[church]] in the [[Monastery]] of receiving the Holy Spirit in Vilnius (Vilna), Lithuanianame Eustathius.
Their They served in the court of the [[feastdaypaganism|pagan]] is celebrated on Grand Duke Algirdas (Olgierd) of Lithuania. Grand Duke Algirdas was married to the Orthodox Christian Russian Princess Maria Yaroslavna, and missionaries were present to minister to the religious needs of the princess and her retinue. The Grand Duke had nominally converted to Orthodoxy, but upon the death of Maria Yaroslavna, he apostasised and resumed his pagan ways. All [[April 14evangelism|evangelizing]]became strictly proscribed.
==External link==*[http://saintsThe three youths kept their conversion secret initially, but it was eventually noticed that they would fast at certain seasons and also did not cut their beards (which was the custom for Christians of that time and place).oca Because of their refusal to eat meat offered to pagan idols particularly during a fast, they were killed by Algirdas later realized that he had an opportunity for political connection with the imperial court in Constantinople and had a church built on the site of the martyrdom.jpg Icon  Their [[incorruptibility|incorrupt]] [[relics]] are now enshrined in the [[Monastery]] of the three martyrs AnthonyHoly Spirit in Vilnius, John, and Eustathius of Vilna ( Their [[feast]] is celebrated on [[April 14]]. ==External links==
*[ Complete hagiography] ([[OCA]])
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