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'''Explaining The Context'''
Here’s Here's a bit of clarification regarding the situation in Moldova (or Moldavia – how it used to be called in the English speaking world).
What today is known the Republic of Moldova is roughly the Eastern half of the Romanian province of Moldova, also known as Bessarabia to most of the Romanians. In 1812, the Russian Empire engulfed the territory as a result of a peace agreement with the Turks. In the aftermath of the Communist revolution, the province of Bessarabia became independent (1918) and then returned to Romania following the decision of the Bessarabian National Assembly. Yes, there were Romanian troops in the province at that time with the mission to annihilate the local Bolshevik groups and prevent support from Ukraine and Russia. A few months later, the Romanian army would also fought in Hungary to dismantle Bella Kuhn’s Kuhn's Soviet Republic.
In 1940, Bessarabia (plus some other, new, Romanian lands: Bukovina and Hertza) went to USSR as part of the Molotov - Riebentrop Pact (the very Commi - Nazi agreement that gave Eastern Poland and the Baltic Republics to the Russians). What followed was an intense policy of communisation and russification. The history was re-written to support a new identity for the people of Bessarabia as an offspring of a Slavic population. This is why there is a Moldovan language today, though it’s it's the same good old Romanian. An analogy would be the languages spoken in Britain and in America.
Today, the Republic of Moldova is ruled by communists still dependent from Moscow. What happens in the Church has nothing to do with religion. The Church of Russia continues to promote the state’s state's expansionistic interest in good Soviet tradition, while the Church of Romania is just playing the nationalist card.
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