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*[[Tabard]] - a waistcoat without sides or sleeves, worn as part of the monastic habit.
*[[Tippet]] - a long scarf worn at choir office over hood and surplice, a component part of the hood. Those worn by a priest will be black and generally very wide. A special form worn by readers is thin and of a blue material. This is not authorized for usage in the Antiochian [[Western Rite Vicariate]], but is used by the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia|ROCOR]] Western Rite.
*[[Surplice]] - loose over-garment of white linen, now usually gathered at the neck, with wide sleeves. It is the northern equivalent of the Classical [[alb]] from which it developed. Counter-Reformation Roman style will generally be shorter, may be all lace or hemmed with wide bands of lace. The medieval style (also called Old English, Anglican, Benedictine, or cathedral style) is without lace, much longer with very wide (pointed or rounded) sleeves. Some versions have a square neck or straight close-fitting sleeves tightened at the wrists.

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