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[[Image:Theophany.jpg|100px|The Baptism of Christ]]<br><br>[[Image:Agnes.jpg|100px|St. Agnes]]</div> [[Leavetaking]] (Apodosis) of the [[Theophany]] of Our Lord and Savior [[Jesus Christ]]; [[Virgin-martyr]] Agnes, in dark solitary confinement;Saint [[Nino of Cappadocia|Nina]] (''Nino''), [[Equal-to-the-Apostles]], [[Enlightener]] of Georgia (335);Saint Joseph Analytinus of Raithu Monastery (4th c.);The Holy Fathers slain at [[Mount Sinai|Mt. Sinai]] and [[w:El-Tor|Raithu]] (4th-5th c.), including the Holy 38 Fathers slain at Mt. Sinai , and the Holy 33 Fathers slain at Raithu: [[Hieromartyr]]s Isaiah, Sabbas, Moses and his [[disciple]] Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, Adam, Sergius, Domnus, Proclus, Hypatius, Isaac, Macarius, Mark, Benjamin, Eusebius, Elias, and others;Saint Theodoulos, son of St. Nilus of Sinai (5th c.);Venerable Stephen, [[Abbot]] of Chenolakkos Monastery in [[w:Zeytinbağı|Triglia]], near Chalcedon (716);Saint Felix of Nola, [[Confessor]] of Nola in Italy (ca.250);Saint Euphrasius, a bishop martyred in North Africa by the Arian Vandals;Saint Dacius (''Datius''), Bishop of Milan, exorcist (552);Saint [[Kentigern of Glasgow|Kentigern]] (''Kentigern Mungo, Kentigern of Glasgow''), first Bishop of Strathclyde (Glasgow), Scotland (614) - (''see also [[January 13]] - Greek and Western''); Saint [[Sava of Serbia|Sava I]] of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Hilandar Monastery]] on [[Mount Athos]], Enlightener and First [[Nina Archbishop]] of Serbia (1235) - (''see also [[January 12]] - Russian'');Saint Joannicius of Tarnovo, Metropolitan of Georgia[[w:Veliko Tarnovo|NinaTarnovo]]in Bulgaria (13th c.);Saint Acacius, EqualBishop of Tver (1567) -(''see also [[June 29]]'');Saint Meletius (Yakimov), Bishop of Ryazan, Missionary to[[w:Yakutia|Yakutia]] (1900);New Hiero-theConfessor John (Kevroletin), Hiero-ApostlesSchemamonk, of Verkhoturye (1961);New Martyrs slain at Raithu Monastery near Kazan (ca. 1933);New [[Hieromartyr]] Ambrose (Gudko), enlightener Bishop of GeorgiaSarapul and Yelabug (1918); [[New-Martyr]] Platon (Kulbush), [[Agnes the VirginArchbishop]] of Reval (Estonia) (1919) -martyr(''see also [[January 1]]'');'''Other Commemorations:'''Repose of Nicholas Motovilov (1879), disciple of St. Seraphim of Sarov;Repose of Hieromonk Cosmas of Grigoriou, Missionary to Zaire (1989). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|January 14]]</noinclude>

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