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Baptists, unlike us Orthodox or other Protestant groups (such as Methodism) cannot trace their general group to one finder (some historians teach that John Smyth and Thomas Helwys, two Englishmen connected to the Separtist movement from the Church of England, gave this group it's general ideas, though). They disagreed with the Church of England on doctrines such as infant baptism, ecclesiastical authority, and church-state relations, among other things. Since the Sepratist movement was persecuted by the English government, Smyth exiled himself to the Netherlands and established the first Baptist church in 1609. Helwys, however stayed in England and started the first English Baptist church two years later. They both shared an Arminian theology, believing Christ died for all humans. Today, this is refered to as the General Baptists. Years later, though, the Particular Baptists emerged, who shared a more Calvinist theology. They offically emerged in 1644 with their London Confession of Faith.
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