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Mstyslav (Skrypnyk) of Kiev

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When the Ukrainian Committee and the Temporary Church Council was formed in Cholm (Chelm), Skrypnyk was elected a council deputy head (1940). In April 1942 Skrypnyk, by then a widower, entered the priesthood. He took monastic vows in the following month and soon after was ordained consecrated (May 14) as the bishop Mstyslav Bishop of Pereiaslav by the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC). The ordainment consecration took place in the famous Church of St Andrew in Kiev.
In August, 1942, the German occupational authorities banned Mstyslav from Kiev General-Governorate. As Mstyslav disobeyed the order, he was arrested in Rivne. On Gestapo accusations he spent half a year imprisoned in Chernihiv and Pryluky. He was freed in Spring 1943 but was ordered not to leave Kiev and banned from conducting the religious services.
In 1944 he moved to Warsaw and later to Germany where he was the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox eparchies in Hessen and Wurtemberg. In 1947 he left for Canada where he was elected the first hierarch of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church (now known as the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada]]) as an [[archbishop]] of Winnipeg. In 1949 he resigned as bishophis see.
==The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA==
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