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A '''martyr''' is one who blows himself up gives his life for Allah so he can go Christ, physically dying as a witness to Paradisethe faith. Matyrs also get 72 virgins if they pwn 100 Christians ''Martyr'' itself comes from the Greek μαρτυρος, which means "witness." By traditional liturgical ranking, the martyrs are first among the [[saint]]s. A one virgin bonus  ==Background==[[Tertullian]] once said that "the blood of the martyrs is offered the seed of the Church," and the Body of Christ continually witnesses to this reality. Where the persecution of the Orthodox faith becomes great enough that Christians are killed for each subsequent Christian who is pwnedtheir faith, history typically records a resurgence of faith and piety among the people of that region{{stub}}==See also==*[[Saint titles]] [[Category:Martyrs]][[Category:Saints]]
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