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Robber Council of 869-870

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The '''Robber Council of 869-870''' was a council held in Constantinople called by Emperor [[Basil I]] the Macedonian and [[Pope Adrian II]], meeting from [[October 5]], [[869]] to [[February 28]], [[870]]. It deposed and condemned St. [[Photius the Great]] as patriarch and, of the four Eastern patriarchates, ranked [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]] before [[Church of Alexandria|Alexandria]], [[Church of Antioch|Antioch]], and [[Church of Jerusalem|Jerusalem]].
The acts of this council were eventually abrogated at the [[Eighth Ecumenical Council]], held in Constantinople in [[879]]-[[880]]. This latter council was held to be [[ecumenical]] by both East and West until the [[11th century]], when [[Roman Catholic Church|Rome]] repudiated the council of 879-880 and retroactively regarded the council of 869-870 to be the Eighth Ecumenical Council, but which the [[Orthodox Church]] continues to regard as a [[robber council]].
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