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Orthodox Church

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* [ Alfeyev, Hilarion]; Rose, Jessica, ed. ''The Mystery of Faith: An Introduction to the Teaching and Spirituality of the Orthodox Church''. (ISBN 0232524726)
* Bajis, Jordan. ''Common Ground: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity for the American Christian''. (ISBN 0937032816)
* [[Sergius Bulgakov|Bulgakov, Sergius]]. ''The Orthodox Church''. (ISBN 0881410519)
* Chryssavgis, John. ''Light Through Darkness: The Orthodox Tradition (Traditions of Christian Spirituality Series)''. (ISBN 1570755485)
* Coniaris, Anthony M. ''Introducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith and Life''. (ISBN 0937032255)
* Constantelos, Demetrios J. ''Understanding the Greek Orthodox Church''. (ISBN 0917653505)
* Florovski[[Georges Florovsky|Florovsky, George]]. ''Bible, Church, Tradition: An Eastern Orthodox View''. (ISBN 0913124028)
'''From a [[Heterodox]] perspective'''
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