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St. Andrew's Orthodox Press

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[[image:standrewspress.jpg|left|thumb|Logo of St. Andrew's Press]]
==Publishing activities==
The Press was originally established to publish three items: a Greek-Australian newspaper donated to the Archdiocese by the name of''[[TO VEMA]]''; the annual theological journal of [[St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College (Sydney, Australia)|St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College]], ''[[St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College (Sydney, Australia)#Phronema|Phronema]]''; and the monthly periodical of the Archdiocese, ''[[The Voice of Orthodoxy]]''. However, it was established with the view to publishing more than these regular publications, but also to a more permanent translation of the [[Divine Liturgy]] and other scholarly books.
In Mar-Apr 2006, the Press published ''The Divine Liturgy of Our Father among the Saints John Chrysostom'', a more permanent translation of the Divine Liturgy, by the Committee on the Translation of Liturgical Texts, under the chairmanship of Dr [[John Lee]], superseding the previous two editions published by the Archdiocese. This bi-lingual edition, with Greek on one page and dignified modern English on the facing page, has within it the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, the [[dismissal hymn]]s for Sundays and major feasts, prayers for the reception of Holy Communion, the Memorial Service and the Service for the Blessing of Loaves.
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