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{| align="left"| {{user orthodox US}}|-| {{user laity}}|-| {{user en}}|-|}Hello! I am Chris Holmes (dob [[November 23]], 1975) - I am an Orthodox Christian ([[Orthodox Church in America|OCA]]) living in Flemington, New Jersey. I am a member of SS[[Ss. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church (Manville, New Jersey)|Ss. Peter & Paul Church ]] in Manville, NJ. I am also a regular contributor to and administrator on Wikipedia.
==Articles created==[[Archdiocese of Canada (OCA)]], [[Bulgarian Diocese (OCA)]], [[Compline]],[[Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania (OCA)]], [[Diocese of the Midwest (OCA)]], [[Edred of England]], [[Exarchate of Mexico (OCA)]], [[Metrophanes of Constantinople]], ''[[Orthodox Study Bible]]'', [[Ss. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church (Manville, New Jersey)]], [[Synaxis of the Baptist]] ==Helpful links==*[[OrthodoxWiki:Templates]] [[Category:User Pages|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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