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Timeline of Orthodoxy in New Zealand

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Local Born Clergy Flourish
::July: [[Deanery of New Zealand (Antiochian)|New Zealand Deanery]] of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand created. Archpriest Jack Witbrock appointed Dean.
::Metropolitan Dionysios (Psiahas) of New Zealand elected Metropolitan of Proussa. [[Joseph (Harkiolakis) of New Zealand|Joseph (Harkiolakis)]] elected Metropolitan of New Zealand, Exarch of Korea and Japan (Greek).
::Met Joseph asks Met Abp Paul to release Fr Ilyan to Greek Metropolis of New Zealand. Fr Ilyan says he is happy with Antioch. Met Abp Paul declines to release him.
*2004 May: Fourth Clergy Conference of Australia and New Zealand (Antiochian) held in Wollongong Australia.
::(Greek) [[Orthodox Metropolis of Korea]] created, taking with it the exarchate of Japan. [[Church of Japan]] supported by [[Church of Russia]] objects to creation of parallel jurisdiction within its territory. [[Sotirios (Trambas) of Korea|Sotirios (Trambas)]], former auxiliary bishop to the Metropolitan of New Zealand, elected first metropolitan of Korea.
::Oct: [[Amphilochios (Tsoukos) of New Zealand|Amphilochios]] elected Metropolitan of New Zealand.
::Nov: [[Monastery of St. Andrew the First-called (Miramar, New Zealand)|Monastery of St Andrew]] founded.
::Dec: Fr Ilyan Eades again declines an offer to join the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Zealand , with full-time salary from to be paid by Greek government.
::Dec 4: [[John Hubbard]] ordained to the diaconate to serve at St George Church (Antiochian) in Auckland.
*2006 May: Sixth Clergy Conference of Australia and New Zealand (Antiochian) held in Wollongong Australia. New Zealand deanery meeting in Wollongong presided over by Metropolitan Archbishop Paul has wide-ranging discussions for the future of the Orthodox Church in New Zealand. Further discussions held in plenary session at the Sixth Clergy Conference in Wollongong.

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