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Parthenios III (Koinidis) of Alexandria

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His Beatitude, '''Patriarch Parthenios III of Alexandria''' was elected [[patriarch in ]] on [[February 27]] 1987 and was the 113th patriarch of the historical [[see ]] of [[Alexandria]]. He was also one of the eight presidents of the [[World Council of Churches]], based in Geneva.
He In 1919, he was born in Port Said, Egypt, to parents of Greek origin, and attended primary and secondary school in Egypt. He graduated from the [[Theological School of Halki]], Istanbul, Turkey in 1939. He did completed his post-graduate theological studies at Oxford University and at the Sorbonne, Paris.
He took his [[Monasticism|monastic ]] vows under the name of "Parthenios in 1919", and was [[ordination|ordained ]] [[deacon]] and later [[priest]]. He was appointed chief secretary to the [[Synod]] of the [[Patriarchate of Alexandria]]. From 1953 to 1959, he served as president of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Patriarchal Library of Alexandria and became a permanent member of the Patriarchal publications. In 1958 he was elected [[Metropolitan]] of Carthage in the diocese of Tripoli, Libya, and became a permanent member of the Synod of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. In 1968, he was elected member of the Central Committee of the [[World Council of Churches]](WCC), and became a WCC president in 1991.
The patriarch was the author of many theological essays published in numerous international reviews. Patriarch Parthenios III died of a heart attack on [[July 23 ]], 1996, aged 76, during a visit to Greece. The funeral was held [[July 30 ]] at the cathedral church Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas in Cairo, Egypt.
He was succeeded by Pope {{start box}}{{succession|before=?|title=Metropolitan of Carthage|years=1958-1987|after=?}}{{succession|before=[[Nicholas VI of Alexandria|Nicholas VI]]|title=[[Patriarch of Alexandria]]|years=1987-1996|after=[[Petros VII (Papapetrou) of Alexandria|Petros VII(Papapetrou)]]}}{{end box}}  ==External links==*[ Listing] at the Orthodox Research Institute*[[w:Patriarch Parthenius III of Alexandria|''Patriarch Parthenius III of Alexandria'' at Wikipedia]]
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