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Russian Orthodox Church in the USA

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The '''Russian Orthodox Church in the USA''' is the distinct name of the group of [[parish]]es of the Russian mission in America that recognizes recognize the canonical authority of the [[Church of Russia]] and was . They were previously known as the [[Russian Exarchate of North America]] before [[autocephaly]] was granted to the [[Metropolia]] in 1970.
All of he the parishes of the [[Exarchate]] were given a choice to join the [[OCA]] at that time. The parishes that remain remained were the following:
#St. Nicholas Church, Brookside, Alabama
#St. Demetrius Monastery, Bellflower, California
# Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Manchester, New Hampshire
# Church of St. George the Great Martyr, Buffalo, New York
# All Exarchate parishes and clergy in Canada. # St. Nicholas Cathedral, New York.
The parishes that that chose to remained under the canonical protection of the Moscow Patriarchate after the grant of autocephaly came to be known as the ''Russian Orthodox Church in the USA '' under the oversight of an [[auxiliary bishop]]. {{stub}}
* His Grace, the Most Reverend Mercurius, Bishop of Zarisk, ? - Present
==External links==
*[ Russian Orthodox Church in the USA Web Site] ([ english])
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