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Church of Georgia

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The '''Church of Georgia''' is one of the oldest Christian Churches, tracing its origins in tradition to the [[missionary]] efforts of the [[Apostle]] Andrew in the first century. Historically, adoption of Christianity by the kingdom of Georgia (Iberia) is traced to the missionary efforts of St. Nino of Cappadocia beginning in early fourth century. Initially, the Georgian [[church]] was part of the territory of the [[Patriarch of Antioch]]. The church was granted [[autocephaly]] by the Patriarch of Antioch in 466. While seriously disrupted by the invasions of the various tartar tribes in the 13 and 15th centuries the autocephalous church survived until it was placed under the administration of the synodal [[Church of Russia]] in 1811. After the abdication of Czar [[Nicholas II]] following the 1917 February Revolution, the Georgian [[hierarch]]s restored autocephaly that was eventually recognized by the [[Church of Constantinople]] and the Church of Russia.
name= Patriarchate of Georgia|
founder= [[Apostles]] [[Andrew]], [[Symon Canaanite]]|
independence=Antioch in 486, Russia in 1917|
recognition= 486, again 1990 |
primate=[[Patriarch Ilia I]]|
hq=Tbilisi, Georgia|
territory=[[Georgia]], orthodox Christians in [[Armenia]]|
possessions= United States, Great Britain, Western Europe|
music=Georgian [[polyphonic]]|
calendar=[[Julian Calendar]]|
website=[ Orthodox Church of Georgia]
==Ancient Origins==

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