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Theophanes (Il'minskii) of Solikamsk

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[[Hieromartyr]] Theophanes (Il’minskii), Bishop of Solikamsk and acting Bishop of Perm', was born Sergius Petrovich Il’menskii, in 1867 in the family of a [[deacon]] of the Saratov region. On finishing the spiritual [[seminary]], Sergius became a student of the [[Kazan’ Spiritual Academy]], completing his coursework in 1894. In 1898 he was consecrated into priesthood, after which he labored as an instructor of the [[Law of God]] in various secular schools of the Saratov region.
In August of 1913 Fr. Sergius entered the brotherhood of the [[Valaam Monastery]] where he was shorn into into [[monasticism]] the following year under the name of Theophanes, and granted the title of [[archimandrite]]. The same year he became an inspector of the Balashov Spritual College, and in 1916 he moved to Perm’, where he later became the rector of the Permian Spiritual Seminary and the archimandrite of the Solikamsk Monastery of the Holy Trinity.

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