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Pentecost icon

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about Pentecost icon
[[Image:Pentecost.jpg|right|frame|Holy [[Pentecost]]]]
The '''Pentecost icon''' depicts the descent of the [[Holy Spirit]] onto the [[Church]]. It is usually displayed for [[veneration]], at the center of the church, on the Sunday of [[Pentecost]].

The [[icon]] has the [[Apostles]] sitting, as on Mount Sion, representing the first Church community, the beginning of the Christian Church. They form a semicircle to express the unity of the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. The icon is not a depiction of the historical events of Pentecost, but it signifies that this is a great event for all time.

As with many icons, the Apostles are pictured in an inverse perspective, the figures grow larger as they recede into the background. Also, the building that the Apostles were in, is shown as background.

===The Holy Spirit===
At the top of the icon is another semicircle, with rays coming from it. The rays are pointing toward the Apostles, and the “tongues of fire

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