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Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Tokyo, Japan)

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[[Image:Nicolai-do_orig1891.jpg|thumb|left|250px|Holy Resurrection Cathedral as completed in 1891]]
The '''Holy Resurrection Cathedral''', commonly called '''Nikolai-do''', in Surugadai, Kanda district, Tokyo, Japan is the main [[cathedral]] of the [[Church of Japan|Japanese Orthodox Church]]. It is located on Surugadai knoll in Kanda, on property purchased in 1872 by the future Archbishop Nicholas (Kasatkin), now St. [[Nicholas of Japan]], for his mission headquarters to preach [[Orthodox Christianity]] to the Japanese people. Construction of the cathedral began in 1884, to plans prepared by Michael A. Shchurupov, a Moscow architect. It took seven years for the Japanese artisans to complete the edifice, which followed the classic Byzantine church design. The cathedral was consecrated on [[March 8]], 1891.
[[Image:Nikolai-do-earthquake_1923.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The Cathedral ruins after the Great Kanto earthquake of September 1923]]
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