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Little Entrance

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The '''Little Entrance''' is the procession of the [[clergy ]] to the [[altar ]] led by the [[Evangelion|Book of the Gospels]]. It sometimes called the ''"Small"'' or ''"First"'' entrance.
==Procession ==If the [[priest]] is serving the [[Divine Liturgy]] alone, without a [[bishop]], the Little Entrance is made by the [[clergy]] circling the [[altar table]] and then to the middle of the church with the Gospel Book. Then he enters the alter altar through the [[royal doors]] of the [[iconostasis]] accompanied by the [[Hymn ]] of Entrance.
If the bishop is celebrating, the Gospel Book is brought out to him in the center of the church, in the midst of the people, where he has been standing from the beginning of the liturgy.
The Little Entrance is the movement of the entire [[Church]] through its Head [[Jesus Christ]], in the person of the celebrant, to the altar which symbolizes the [[Kingdom of God]].
==HistoricallyHistory== Originally, the Little Entrance marked the beginning of the of the service, but now it is preceded by various [[litany|Litanies]] and [[Psalms]]. It was a way the bring the Gospel Book from where it was kept, to the service.
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