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Russian Orthodox Church in Exile

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The ROCE is currently led by Metropolitan [[Vitaly (Ustinov) of New York]], who had retired as the primate of the ROCOR but upon the formation of the ROCE was declared by the ROCE to have been retired forcibly by his enemies in ROCOR and then removed to Canada, where he governs the ROCE. It is reported by critics of this jurisdiction that the aged Vitaly was kidnapped and is essentially a figurehead, being unfit for [[bishop|episcopal]] governance.
According to its website, the ROCE currently has 8 [[parish]]es, missions and home chapels, along with one convent, in the United States; 8 parishes, missions and chapels, along with 2 [[monasticism|monastic]] [[skete]]s, in Canada; 2 parishes and one convent in South America; 8 parishes in Europe; and a "[[deanery]]" of [[clergy]] and monastics in Russia. The ROCE also has a handful of clergy and laymen throughout the world which hold allegiance to it but may not have any parish associated with them.
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