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Orthodox Media

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==Television and Videovideo==
''"It would be a crime not to use television to spread the word of God.'' - Archpriest Dimitriy Sarnov, "[ Russian Orthodox Church goes on TV]" (More details at "[ Orthodox Believers Get Own Channel]")
* [ Aghapy TV - The First Coptic Orthodox Satellite TV Channel]
* [ Coptic Media Productions]
* [ The Glory of High Decani] - Among the video presentations of life in Kosovo and Metohija, this video on the recent experience of the monks of the "High Decani" monastery is particularly recommended (it's the third from top).
* [ GOARCH Multimedia - Video]
* [ Holy Pimoly (Cartoon - Coptic)]
* [ Orthodox.TV]
* [ Orthodoxy Now TV]* [ GOARCH Multimedia - of-the-day Orthodox Videoof the Day]
* [ The Glory of High Decani] - Among the video presentations of life in Kosovo ==Radio and Metohija, this video on the recent experience of the monks of the "High Decani" monastery is particularly recommended (it's the third from top).* [ Aghapy TV - The First Coptic Orthodox Satellite TV Channel]* [ Holy Pimoly (Cartoon)]podcasts==
===Internet Radio===*[ Peiraiki Ekklisia] 24-hour Greek Orthodox Radio Station*[[Ancient Faith Radio]], 24-hour Orthodox radio station providing Internet-based Orthodox programming including an extensive list of podcasts.*[ True Wisdom Radio ]- Features a collection of Homilies by Fr. Jon Braun, and Orthodox music of liturgy and Podcastsworship by the Archangel Voices.*[ Icon New Media Network] - The Icon New Media Network where Orthodox Christianity is the future of American spirituality. *[] - The Incarnation Broadcasting Network offers 24-hour Orthodox radio broadcasting on the internet.*[[Orthodoxiya|Orthodoxiya Radio]] ([ Listen direct]): Arabic Greek Eastern Orthodox Radio.*[ Sion Radio] ([ Live stream]) Bulgarian Orthodox radio*[ Ecclesia Radio] (Greek)*[ Radio Martyria] (Crete)*[ Radio Svetigora] (Serbian)*[ Radio Iveria] (Georgian)*[ Radio Trinitas<] (Romanian)*[ Radio Lumina] (Romanian)*[ Radio Reintregirea](Romanian)*[ The Ark] (from [[Orthodox Christian Network|OCN]]) - 24-hour Orthodox radio station featuring contemporary music and talk*[ The Rudder] (from OCN) - 24-hour Orthodox radio station featuring liturgical music and talk*[ ACORN: Antiochian Christian Orthodox Radio Network] (English)
===Individual shows===
'''Orthodox'''*[ A Word From the Holy Fathers] by Dn. [[Irenaeus (Steenberg)|Matthew Steenberg]]. Offering weekly reflection on the writings of the Church Fathers.*[ All Saints Monastery Sermons by Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo)]* [ All Saints Monastery YouTube Broadcasts] *[ American Orthodox History] by Matthew Namee. Matthew explores our early American Orthodox past.*[ Christ in the Mountains] (weblog and podcast) from a priest in Charleston, West Virginia. *[ Close to Home] by Molly Sabourin. Molly Sabourin is a freelance writer focusing on issues of family, faith, and community. *[ Coffee Cup Commentaries] by Fr. Lawrence Farley. The Coffee Cup Commentary series provides daily (Mon-Fri) studies in the New Testament *[ Come Receive the Light], the national Orthodox Christian radio program, broadcast on 17 radio stations throughout the U.S. & Bahamas. Archives available online. *[ Detroit's Own Orthodox Radio] Broadcast on WNZK 690 AM Sundays from 4pm-5pm (Eastern Time) in the Detroit, Michigan area. Streaming and podcasts available online. A ministry of The Council of Orthodox Christian Churches of Metropolitan Detroit. *[ Holy Cross Church in Linthicum, MD] hosts numerous audio files available for download. *[ Facing East], two Orthodox priests in central Massachusetts chatting *[ Faith and Philosophy] by Dr. Clark Carlton. Commenting on matters of faith, philosophy and Orthodoxy. *[ Frederica Here and Now] by Frederica Mathewes-Green. This podcast features fresh reflections on Frederica’s travel and experiences. *[ Generation Orthodox], Hosted by Jacob Lee, Show Targets People interested in Orthodoxy under the age of 40 *[ Get Wisdom!] is a weekly Bible study program for Orthodox Christian teens. In addition to the weekly podcast, which is also streamed weekends on [ The Ark], the program offers free downloadable study guides for individual and group study. *[ Glory to God] by Fr. Stephen Freeman. Thoughts and reflections on Orthodox theology and life. *[ Healing] by Fr. George Morelli. Orthodox Spirituality and Psychology. *[ Homilies of a Russian Orthodox Priest on the Sunday Gospels and other scriptural topics], from St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas Texas *[ Icons in Sound] - Beautiful Orthodox sacred music and liturgical singing with Dr. Vlad Morosan. *[ Just Thinking] - Current events, social trends and moral issues from an Orthodox point of view with Rod Dreher of the ''Dallas Morning News''. *[ Orthodixie] by Fr. Joseph Huneycutt. Humor and insight into life and spirituality. *[ Orthodox Word Podcast] - A source for the daily scriptural readings of the Orthodox Church. Each daily podcast also includes the hymns and readings from the [[Synaxarion|Synaxarion]] for the Saints or Feast Day.
*[ Our Life in Christ] is an internet radio show based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Originally, they were doing live radio broadcasts on 1360 AM ([ KPXQ]), a Protestant radio station of the [ Salem Network]. Through this ministry they began to offer Orthodox apologetics to Protestants.
*[http://psalmcastancientfaith.blogspotcom/podcasts/pilgrims Pilgrims from Paradise] by Matthew Gallatin. Practical insight into life and theology from a popular author and speaker. *[ psalmcastorg/recall/ re/CALL] - A Presbyterian ministry which presents , a musical rendition podcast for Orthodox Christian teens that looks at how your relationship with God and His Church can help you in every aspect of your life. The program also offers free inspirational graphics for each episode. *[ Saint Catherine Greek Orthodox Church], in Greenwood Village, Colorado, records all the sermons, educational lectures, retreats and special events and puts them in a Psalm podcast for listeners. Individual records are also available for download. *[ Saint of the Day] by Dn. Jerome Atherholt. The Saint of the Day briefly tells the story of one of our venerable Saints we are commemorating for each day. They often feature music  *[ Serbian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Western America] Weekly Podcast & Lectures from Serbian Orthodox Church of America *[ Search the Scriptures] by Dr. Jeannie Constantinou. Bible study, with early church history, theology, and patristics.  *[ Speaking the Truth in Love] by Fr. [[Thomas Hopko]]. *[ Shepherd of Souls] An insightful look at spiritual themes from an Eastern Christian perspective by Fr. Peter Preble *[ St Nikolaj's Prologue], a daily Serbian podcast of the Lives of the Saints, as written by St Nikolaj of Ochrid and Zica *[ St Nikolaj's Missionary Letters], by St Nikolaj of Ochrid and Zica, on many topics. In Serbian. *[ St. Silouan Orthodox Church] Homilies from St. Silouan Orthodox Church based in Walla Walla, WA. *[ The Illumined Heart] with Kevin Allen. Featuring insightful interviews on subjects of faith, theology, history, comparative religion and personal faith journeys with Eastern Orthodox traditionsChristians. *[ The Names of Jesus] with Fr. (Available through iTunes 4Thomas Hopko.9+Fr. Thomas Hopko identifies the names bestowed on Christ by the Holy Scriptures and the Church Fathers and explains their significance. *[ The Man In Black], with Father Andrew Welzig, Show features, conversations with an Orthodox Priest and different individuals. *[ The Path] by Fr. Tom Soroka. Listen to the daily scripture readings and thoughtful commentary with quotes from the Fathers.)
*[http://www.annunciationakronmyocn.orgnet/podcastindex.php/ Orthodox Word Podcast] Turning-to- A source for the daily scriptural readings of -Fathers/ Turning to the Orthodox ChurchFathers], where noted scholar Fr. Each daily podcast also includes the hymns [[John Anthony McGuckin|John McGuckin]] helps listeners understand and readings from apply the Synaxarion for spiritual teachings of the Saints or Feast DayEarly Church Fathers to modern-day life.
*[ Welcome Home], an Orthodox radio program by the Archdiocese of Canada of the [[Orthodox Church in America]]
===Aggregators=Lectures and Audio Books==
*[ Arxontarikion] Selected eastern orthodox christian material*[ Pantokrator]*[ Ancient Faith Radioorg Philokalia]
==Non-Orthodox== The following podcasts discuss topics common to Orthodox and other eastern forms of Christianity. *[ INBNblogspot.netcom/ The Christian Message From Moscow] by the Voice of Russia radio network - Produces "[ The Incarnation Broadcasting Network offers 24Christian Message from Moscow]" in English. Learn about Russian Orthodox Christians, their rich history, music, composers, performers, writers, sermons, and Saints' lives and works. *[ psalmcast] -hour A Presbyterian ministry which presents a musical rendition of a Psalm each day. They often feature music from Orthodox radio broadcasting traditions. (Available through iTunes 4.9+.) * [ Theosis]: A Journey from Lent to Pentecost. [ This podcast series] is designed to help promote a deeper appreciation for Lenten and Eastern spirituality through the meditation on scripture and the writings of the internetEarly Church Fathers.
==See also==*[ America's Christian [Livestreams]]* [[Online Orthodox Radio NetworkCommunities]]
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