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Basil the Great

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Life: Gregory - friend and Julian - fellow student is the better combination ;-)
It is also a widely held tradition that Saint [[Theosebia]] was his youngest sister, who is also a saint in the Church.
While still a child, the family moved to Pontus; but he soon returned to Cappadocia to live with his mother's relations, and seems to have been brought up by his grandmother Macrina. Eager to learn, he went to Constantinople and spent four or five years there and at Athens, where he had Gregory the Theologian future emperor [[Julian the Apostate|Julian]] for a fellow student .and became friends with the future emperor [[Julian Gregory the Apostate|JulianTheologian]]. Both men , Basil and Gregory, were deeply influenced by [[Origen]], and compiled the well known anthology of uncondemned Origenist writings known as the ''[[Philokalia]]''.
It was at Athens that he seriously began to think of religion, and resolved to seek out the most famous hermit saints in Syria and Arabia, in order to learn from them how to attain enthusiastic piety and how to keep his body under submission by asceticism.

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