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This '''Suggestions''' page is for requests for '''new''' articles (requests for help with '''in-progress''' articles should be posted on [[OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted]]). You can post new suggestions here or click on the current ones and begin the work.
If you're stumped for ideas, take a look at some [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual (Importing)#Starting_Points|Starting Points]], as well as the [[Special:Wantedpages|Wanted pages]] list.
==Sample suggestions for future development==
===Categories for Development===
*[[:Category:Church Fathers]]
*[[:Category:Liturgical Texts and Translations]]
*[[:Category:Parish Resources]]
*[[:Category:Bishops]] (biographies)
*[[:Category:Orthodox Folk Traditions]]
*[[Category:People]] - Bios of well-known Orthodox theologians, writers, bishops, etc.
===Other Ideas===
*[[Maria of Normanby]]
*Accessibility issues (e.g. service books in Braille)
*Scandinavian Orthodoxy
*Young Adult Links
*[[Holy Supper]]
*Campus Ministry Links
*Local Histories*[[Homily|Sermons]]
*Groups that Call themselves Orthodox
*[[Orthodoxy and the Environment]]
*Intentional Communties
*Link Farms
*[[Magazines and Publications|Orthodox Periodicals]]
*Orthodox Web Evangelism
**[[Sergius Bulgakov]]**[[SchmemannSophianism|Sophiology]]**[[RomanidesCanons of the Orthodox Church|Canon Law]]*[[Sophiology]]*Canon Law
*[[Liturgical English]]
*Articles on Liturgy*Brotherhoods*Profiles of Specific Monasteries*[[Elder EphremLiturgy]]*[[General Principles of Biblical Interpretation]]*[[Japanese Orthodoxy]]*[[Theophan Noli]]*Missions and Evangelism*The [[Theotokos]]*The [[Nicene-Constantinopolitan CreedBrotherhoods]]
*Church School resources
*Notable Parish Websites
*Anti-Western [[Polemics]]*Clerical Ranks, Titles, and Awards([[Major orders]])
*Major resource sites
*[[Byzantine NotationLiturgical Music]]*Liturgical Music
*Best Byzantine Chant CDs
*[[John Climacus]]
*[[Gregory of Nyssa]]
*[[Holy Fire|Holy fire]]
*[[Benedict of Nursia]]
*Series of articles on "what you need to bring" for a particular sacrament (if you're the parent, godparent, priest, etc.) including links or full text of the service; these could focus on how the items (baptismal gown, wedding crowns) are used in the ceremony and what they mean, perhaps eventually getting their own articles
*[[Word of God]] concerning what is meant by the phrase
** [[Internet Products and Software]] (Webhosting, domains, software for churches)
** [[Vestments & Church Supplies]]
** [[Icons and Home Items]]
** [[Wood Carving]]
==Regional Links==
*South America
==Suggestion for a 'Latest Church news' feature on OrthodoxWiki homepage==
The items under this rubric would be linked to relevant entries in OrthodoxWiki, for example:
* a news item about [ the new primate of the Malankara Church] would be linked to OrthodoxWiki page about that Church (if any exists),
* [ Battle of the Bishops (Cyprus)] -> link to OrthodoxWiki pages about [[Church of Cyprus]] and [[Bartholomew I (Archontonis) of Constantinople|Bartholomew I]],
* [ Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem appeal to High Court against government refusal of recognition] -> link to OrthodoxWiki pages about [[Church of Jerusalem]] and [[Theophilus III (Giannopoulos) of Jerusalem|Theophilus III]],
* etc.
Format: each listed news item will have a short ~20-word description allowing links to relevant entries from OrthodoxWiki, besides a link to the original news source for full details. For example:
::'''4 Nov 05:''' His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch [[Bartholomew I (Archontonis) of Constantinople|Bartholomew I]] visits 'Economist' HQ in London and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences; states that [[Church_of_Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]] could be Europe's bridge with [[Islam]] (original news sources: [ (1)], [ (2)])
Update frequency: ideally daily, but perhaps every 2-3 days or weekly to reduce the burden of editing/updating it
Possible sources: official Church pages, Christian newsagencies, and news aggregators like (search using suitable keywords, e.g., - - )
Pros: dynamic content that adds life and "up-to-the-minute" currency to OrthodoxWiki; increases visitor retention/repeat visitors' rates; fosters/encourages the building of a strong online community; raises readers' awareness/presents them with an 'agenda for specific prayers' about the universal Church (Church around the world), the one Body of Christ, and the daily affairs and concerns of fellow Christians worldwide, not just in the West or in the country where one lives
Cons: time and deication needed to maintain it
Hi, the best way to do this would be to simply include RSS feeds from a few different news sources. I have this set up, in a very basic way, at Let me check into the possibilities for doing this on OWiki. I'm not sure this feature is available yet, but hopefully in the future. I don't think it makes sense to do this manually. [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]
:'''Update:''' This has been implemented at [[Orthodox news]]. [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]] 23:36, November 29, 2005 (CST)
==Parish template==
I'm not very good at manipulating Wiki code here (I fare better on Wikipedia), but I was hoping to add a new template specifically for use on parish pages. It would be in a format similar to [[Template:Diocese]], but with different fields. Any help would be appreciated. [[User:Cholmes75|cholmes75]] 18:24, June 8, 2006 (CDT)
:What topics were you thinking about listing? I think its favorability will depend on its use. [[User:Joe Rodgers|Joe]] 2006-06-08
== List of British Saints ==
Here is a list of British Saints that should have corresponding articles, can someone help me sort out the ones that already have links and create articles for those that dont? [[User:Ixthis888|Vasiliki]] 03:24, May 19, 2009 (UTC)
# [[Nectan of Hartland]]
# [[Rumon of Tavistock]]
# [[Urith of Chittlehampton]]
# [[Sidwell and Juthwara]]
# [[Brannoc of Braunton]]
# '''Holy [[Archbishops of Canterbury]]'''
# [[Edwin and Enfleda]]
# [[Eanswythe of Folkestone]]
# [[Oswald of Northumbria]]
# [[Paulinus and Ithamar]]
# [[Birinus of Dorchester-on-Thames]]
# [[Oswin of Deira]]
# [[Felix of Dunwich]]
# [[Fursey of Burgh Castle and Péronne]]
# [[Rumwold of Buckingham]]
# [[Ethelred and Ethelbricht]]
# [[Ethelwin of Athelney]]
# [[Cedd and Diuma]]
# [[Chad, Wulfade, and Rufine]]
# [[Kyneburga, Kyneswitha, and Tibba]]
# [[Hilda of Whitby]]
# [[Botolph and Adolph]]
# [[Ebba I and Ebba II]]
# [[Boisil and Eata]]
# [[Theodore of Tarsus|Theodore of Canterbury]]
# [[Adrian of Canterbury]]
# [[Earconwald and Ethelburga]]
# [[Hybald of Hibaldstow]]
# [[Ethilwald of Farne]]
# [[Iwi of Lindisfarne and Brittany]]
# [[Etheldreda, Sexburga, Ermenhilda, and Huna]]
# [[Osyth of Chich]]
# [[Werburga of Hanbury]]
# [[Hedda of Winchester]]
# [[Aldhelm of Sherborne]]
# [[Mildburga, Mildred, and Mildgytha]]
# [[Egwin and Credan]]
# [[Pega of Peakirk]]
# [[John of Beverley]]
# [[Cuthburga and Coenburga]]
# [[Bede of Wearmouth-Jarrow]]
# '''Holy [[Bishops of Lindisfarne]]'''
# [[Frideswide of Oxford]]
# [[Withburga of East Dereham]]
# [[Wendreda of March]]
# [[Cuthman of Steyning]]
# [[Ceolwulf of Northumbria and Lindisfarne]]
# [[Acca and Alcmund]]
# [[Congar of Congresbury]]
# [[Decuman of Watchet]]
== Creating new templates: "Merge to" and "Merge from" ==
I have noticed a tendency where some new users are creating new articles for subjects where there is an existing article already. I thought about creating two templates here on OW, so as to mark these articles, patterned on the Wikipedia templates: '''[ Template:Merge to]''' and '''[ Template:Merge from]'''. Any technical wizards out there who can help to create a version of these here on OW? Thanks, [[User:Angellight 888|Angellight 888]] 10:28, August 23, 2013 (HST)

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