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{| align=center border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=4 style="border: 1px solid #CC9; background-color: #F1F1DE"
| style="font-size: 100%" | I would like to hereby reissue all of my edits before November, 22, 2005 , under the [[OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights|revised OrthodoxWiki default copyright policy]], which includes both the '''[ GNU Free Documentation License] ''' as well as the '''[ Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike] ''' license (version 2.5 or later), unless explicitly noted otherwise, in conformity with the [[OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights|revised OrthodoxWiki default copyright policy]].|}<noinclude>This template displays the above tag.  [[Category:User templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

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