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New copyright policy
All material on '''OrthodoxWiki''' is by default released under the Creative Commons license listed above. For other licenses (especially for images), see [[Help:Image licenses]].
==Revised Default Copyright==
As of November 22, 2005, we are tweaking our licensing structure a little bit. Previously, the default copyright for all OrthodoxWiki materials was a Creative Commons (CC) License ([ Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0]).
==OrthodoxWiki Copyright Policy==Material contributed to OrthodoxWiki must either be original work by the contributorThere are a couple of problems with this arrangement, who releases not least that it by default under in incompatible with (and thus violates the terms of) the above named Creative [ :Text_of_the_GNU_Free_Documentation_License GNU Free Documentation License, or it must be released to OrthodoxWiki ] (GFDL) used by explicit permission Wikipedia. This causes complications because a number of the copyright holder, in which case it can be included under a license determined by the ownerour articles began as Wikipedia imports.
To determine if use Because of outside material legally qualifies as '''Fair use''' under U[http://home.twcny.Srr. law, consult [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Fair use|Wikipedia:Fair use]]com/nerode/neroden/fdl. html Generally speakingother concerns], copyrighted material may be quoted if it is part of a larger work which cites the material and makes use of it for we don’t want to simply adopt the purposes of comment on itGFDL.
Violations of copyright law on OrthodoxWiki So, we are not toleratedplanning to move to a dual license. All material Every edit that is made will be by default licensed under both the responsibility of the contributors to the site, so while the administration does the best it can to prevent violation of copyright law, some material may have slipped their notice. GFDL as well as a revised Creative Commons license (See: '''[[OrthodoxWikihttp:Disclaimer// Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5]]''').Naturally, this will not apply to material that was previously released under a different license (unless we have explicit permission otherwise) If you own a copyright , such as the content taken from Wikipedia or edits made before November 22, 2005. This will also not apply to any material that is being violated on submitted to OrthodoxWikiunder other copyright terms, contact [[OrthodoxWiki:Administrators|the administration]] immediately so that the problem may be resolvedsuch as most of our images and some of our articles.
==External Links==* - The main change as far as the Creative Commons license is concerned, is that the new proposed CC license* http://metaallows restricted commercial use of the GFDL already allows this, and we see no reason to make the CC license* http://homemore restrictive.twcnyFurthermore, we do not anticipate anybody making big money off of OrthodoxWiki - Why You Shouldn't Use If someone can earn something by publishing it commercially according to the terms of one of these licenses, we will simply be happy that the GNU FDL** http://en.wikipediacontent is being used and that OrthodoxWiki is being
[[Category:OrthodoxWiki]]We would also like to make sure that the barriers to reprinting material here are not too high. Right now, to be safe, reprinting material requires contacting all of the individual contributors and obtaining their permission to use their materials and crediting them individually. To this end, the “click-through language’’ (what is agreed to everytime a user clicks “Save Page
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