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Search Bookmarklets
==Search Bookmarklets==
OrthodoxWiki's search can be accessed via a bookmarklet. This works with Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 6/7, Beonex Communicator.
In Mozilla Firefox, follow these steps:
#Right click in the search field at the top of the page, and select "Add a Keyword for this Search".
#Enter "Wikipedia Quicksearch" for the name.
#Enter "wow" (without the quotes) for the keyword(or whatever you prefer).
#Change the bookmark folder if you wish, and click "Add".
#Click OK and close the properties box, then close the bookmark manager.
In Camino, use the Mozilla directions. Use , then use Get Info (cmd-I) in the bookmarks manager to bring up the properties dialogue.
To search, go to the web address bar, enter "w ow <i>SEARCH_QUERY<i>" (without the quotes), and press enter.
===Searching with FirefoxThe OrthodoxWiki Searchbar===
In process...
We hope to be able to make available a custom OrthodoxWiki search tool that you can add to the default Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape ([ Mycroft]) search bar with a simple click.
This would include the following features: * If you hold down the Alt key when you press Enter to invoke a search, Firefox loads the results in a new tab. * If you drag and drop text onto the Search Box, Firefox fires off a search and loads the results in a new tab.
==External Search Engines==
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