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The OrthodoxWiki Searchbar
* Searching the image namespace means searching the image descriptions, i.e. the first parts of the image description pages.
* Check or uncheck the tickbox "List redirects" in "Search in namespaces" box found at the bottom of a search results page.
* The source text (what one sees in the edit box, also called [[OrthodoxWiki:Glossary#Wiki markup|wiki text]]) is searched. This distinction is relevant for [[OrthodoxWiki:Glossary#Piped link|piped link]]s, for [[Wikipedia:interlanguage link]]s (to find links to Chinese articles, search for zh, not for Zhongwen), special characters (if ê is coded as ê it is found searching for ecirc), etc.
For a more exhaustive list of techniques, please see [ meta:Help:Searching] and [ Wikipedia:Searching].
==Browser Integration==
For an overview of browser integration and some useful bookmarklets, please see [ Wikipedia:Tools/Browser_Integration].
===Searching The OrthodoxWiki Searchbar===We're happy to announce that a custom OrthodoxWiki search tool is now available! You can add it to the default Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape ([ Mycroft]) search bar with a simple click. Please go to <font color="red">BROKEN LINK - SEE ALTERNATE LINK >>> []</font> to install. A couple tips:* If you hold down the Alt key when you press Enter to invoke a search, Firefox loads the results in a new tab.* If you drag and drop text onto the Search Box, Firefoxfires off a search and loads the results in a new tab. This extension is also available directly from []. You can rate it there! ===Search Bookmarklets===OrthodoxWiki's search can be accessed via a bookmarklet. This works with Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 6/7, Beonex Communicator. In processMozilla Firefox, follow these steps: #Right click in the search field at the top of the page, and select "Add a Keyword for this Search".#Enter "Wikipedia Quicksearch" for the name.#Enter "ow" (without the quotes) for the keyword (or whatever you prefer).#Change the bookmark folder if you wish, and click "Add"In Mozilla and Netscape, follow these steps: #Right click on the following web address and select "Bookmark this link": to Bookmarks, Manage Bookmarks. Choose the bookmark you have just created. Highlight the Bookmark and click Properties.#In the dialogue that comes up, put a lowercase w in the keyword box.#Click OK and close the properties box, then close the bookmark manager. In Camino, use the Mozilla directions, then use Get Info (cmd-I) in the bookmarks manager to bring up the properties dialogue. To search, go to the web address bar, enter "ow <i>SEARCH_QUERY</i>" (without the quotes), and press enter.
==External Search Engines==
You can search OrthodoxWiki by entering " example" into a Google searchbox (any other site works too on a similar pattern -- check it out!).
You can browse or search all OrthodoxWiki images in Google's cache [ here].
You can search OrthodoxWiki using Yahoo by entering your query on [ this page].
==See Also==
* [[OrthodoxWiki:Tools and hacks]]

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