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There are a number of ways to search OrthodoxWiki.
===Built-in Searching===
The first thing to note is that when you type a word or phrase into the search box in the right hand column and press "Enter", the software tries to find a page title that matches what you've entered. If that's unsuccessful, it searches the text of the pages. You can also click on "Go" or "Search" to specify what you want the software to do. If '''Go''' fails to find an article, it then automatically executes '''Search''' which is a full-text search for the given words.
===Tips for Searching===
* OrthodoxWiki's default search mode will turn up results with '''''any''''' of the words in your query.
* To limit to results that include '''''all''''' words, put a "+" at the beginning of each word.
For a more exhaustive list of techniques, please see [] and [].
==Browser Integration==
For an overview of browser integration and some useful bookmarklets, please see [].
===Searching with Firefox===
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