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Suggestion for a 'Latest Church news' feature on OrthodoxWiki homepage
The items under this rubric would be linked to relevant entries in OrthodoxWiki, for example:
* a news item about [ the new primate of the Malankara Church] would be linked to OrthodoxWiki page about that Church (if any exists),
* [ Battle of the Bishops (Cyprus)] -> link to OrthodoxWiki pages about [[Church of Cyprus ]] and [[Bartholomew I (Archontonis) of Constantinople|Bartholomew I]],* [ Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem appeal to High Court against government refusal of recognition] -> link to OrthodoxWiki pages about [[Church of Jerusalem ]] and [[Theophilus III(Giannopoulos) of Jerusalem|Theophilus III]],
* etc.
'''4 Nov 05:''' His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch [[Bartholomew I (Archontonis) of Constantinople |Bartholomew I]] visits 'Economist' HQ in Londonand the London School of Economics and Political Sciences; states that [[Church_of_Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]] could be Europe's bridge with [[Islam]] (original news sources: [ (1)], [ (2)])

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