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Ephraim (Moraitis) of Philotheou

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==Present Day==
Elder Ephraim has a reputation of being a grace-filled [[confessor]] and true Athonite elder and has thousands of spiritual children around the world: monastics, [[clergy]], and [[laity|lay-people]]. He is considered by many to be the first to establish an authentic Athonite monastery on American soil. As of 2005, Elder Ephraim has founded seventeen monasteries in the United States and Canada under the Greek Orthodox Archdioceses of America and Canada; this includes monasteries for women and for men.
<!--==Monasteries under Supervision=====America======Canada======Greece======Mt.Athos===-->
== Writings ==
*''Counsels from the Holy Mountain: Selected from the Letters and Homilies of Elder Ephraim'' by Elder Ephraim. Florence, Arizona: St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery, 1999. (ISBN 0966700031)
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