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*[ Agenda] - This site was recently redesigned and the links below may soon disappear.htmPerhpas these volumes are still being edited for inclusion in the redesigned site?**[ Orthodoxy Orthodox?] (''vol. 4:4'')**[ Betrayed: Eastern Orthodoxy Examined in the Light of the Apostolic Faith] (''vol. 6:5'')**[ Kirk: Protesting Catholics and the Authority of the Church] (''vol. 8:5'') ::[ Patrick Barnes responds to The Credenda Agenda 6:5], and [ their reply]. 
 *[Searching for the True Apostolic Church: What Evangelicals Should Know about Eastern Orthodoxy] by Paul Negrut**[ Response from Joel Kalvesmaki]*
*[ "Why I'm Not Orthodox"] by Daniel Clendenin (originally published in [ ''Christianity Today''])
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