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Abdel Messih El-Makari

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[[Image:AbounaAbdelMessih.jpg|thumb|St. Abouna Abdel Messih El-Makari (1892-1963 A.D.)]] Abouna '''Abdel Messih El-Makari (or El-Manahri) ''' was a [[Coptic]] Orthodox [[monk]] and [[priest]], and a 20th century Coptic [[saint]]. [[Cyril VI (Atta) of Alexandria|Pope Kyrillos VI]] testified as to the holiness and [[asceticism]] of this contemporary saint.
Fifthly, our Good God gave him the gift of prescience for he knew who was coming to see him and also knew the exact day he will die.
At the end, he was crowned with the crown of righteousness and good fighting, as he departed our world on Easter Sunday morning of the 6th of [ Barmouda] 1669 A.M. ([ Coptic calendar])/[[April 14]], 1963. Countless miracles continue to occur to this day through the intercession of St. Abouna Abdel Messih El -Makari.

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