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[[Image:Pantokrator of SinaiBoris and Gleb.jpgJPG|100px|Our Lord Jesus ChristHoly Passion-Bearers Boris and Gleb]]</div>[[Martyr]] Christina of Tyre; Holy Martyrs and [[Passion-bearer]]s [[Boris and Gleb]], in holy [[baptism]] Romanus and David; [[Saint]] Polycarp, [[archimandrite]] of the [[Monastery of the Kiev Caves|Kiev Caves]]; New-Martyr Athanasius of Ikia; New-Martyr Theophilos of Zakynthos; Martyr Hermogenes; Saint Pachomius, [[abbot]], on the Lake, friend of Saint Dionysius of Glushets (Vologda); Martyrs Capito, Hymenaeus, and Hermogenes; Saint Athenagoras the Apologist (or Confessor); Saint Declan, Abbot of Ardmore; Martyrs Wulfade and Rufine, Princes of Mercia. '''Other events:''' repose of Blessed [[Monk]] Tikhon of Turukhan on the Enisei River in Siberia<noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|July 24]]</noinclude>

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