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[[Image:Theotokos of Vladimir.jpg|100px|Our Holy Lady Theotokos]]
</div>[[Martyr]] Lucillian and those who suffered with him at Byzantium: four youths: Claudius, Hypatius, Paul and Dionysius, and Virgin Paula; [[Hieromartyr]] Lucian, and with him [[Deacon]] Julian, [[Presbyter]] Maximian, Marcellinus, and Saturninus at Beauvais in France; [[Saint]] Athanasius, [[Wonder-worker]] of Cilicia; Saint Hieria, widow, of Mesopotamia; Saint Clotilde (Chlotilda), Queen of France; Saint Pappos, [[monk]]; Saint David of the Gareji [[Monastery]]; Saint [[Kevin of Glendalough|Kevin]], [[Abbot]] of Glendalough, Ireland; Saint Meriasek, [[Bishop]] of Camborne; translation of the [[relics]] of the slain Crown Prince Demetrius of Moscow (see also [[May 15]])<noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|June 03]]</noinclude>

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