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[[File:Neupivaemaya Chasha.jpg|100px|Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “Inexhaustible Cup”]]<br>[[Image:Rublev TrinityIrene the Great Martyr.jpg|100px|The Holy TrinitySt. Irene of Thessaloniki]]</div>Great-Martyr [[Irene of Thessaloniki]](4th c.); Martyrs Irenaeus, Pellegrinus and Irene, at Thessaloniki (284–305);[[Martyr]]s Neophytus, Gaius, and CaianusGaianus; [[Saint]] MicahSt. Eulogius the Confessor, [[disciple]] bishop of Saint Sergius of RadonezhEdessa (ca. 386); Saint AdrianSaints Martin and Heraclius, [[Abbot]] of Monza [[Monastery]]Illyria (4th c.); Saint Euthymiusthe Wonderworker, [[Bishop]] bishop of Maditos in ThraceMadytos on the Hellespont (ca. 990);Martyr Jovinian, the [[Wonder-worker]]lector of St. Peregrine of Auxerre (ca.304);Saint Brito (Britonius) (386);Saint Nectarius of Vienne, bishop of Vienne (ca.445); New Martyr EphraimSaint Nicetus of Vienne, fifteenth bishop of Vienne (ca.449); Saint Hilarion, [[Archbishop]] of Arles(449); Saint Geruntius of Milan (470);Martyr Crescentiana of Rome (5th c.)Saint Hydrock (Hydroc) of Cornwall(5th c.);Saint Sacerdos of Saguntum (ca.560);Saint Waldrada, first abbess of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains in Metz in France (ca.620);Saint Maurontius of Douai (Maurontus, Mauront), founded monastery at Breuil-sur-lys near Douai (701);Saint Echa of Crayke, (Etha), Anglo-Saxon priest and monk-hermit at Crayke, near York, England (767); opening Saints Barlaam of Serpukhov and Gideon of the Serpukhov (1377);New Monk-martyr [[relicsEphraim of Nea Makri]] of (1426);Saint JamesAdrian, Abbot of ZheleznoborovMonza Monastery (1619); New Hieromartyr Nicholas, priest (1919);New Hieromartyr [[Platon of Banja Luka]] (1941); translation '''Other Commemorations:'''Translation of the relics (980) of Saint Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne(709);Uncovering of the relics (1613) of Saint James of Zheleznoborov, abbot of Zhelezny Bor (1442);Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “[[w:Inexhaustible Chalice|Inexhaustible Cup]]” (1878). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|May 05]]</noinclude>

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