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[[Image:John Climacus.jpg|100px|St. John Climacus]]</divbr>[[Saint]] [[John Climacus]] of Sinai, author of [[The Ladder of Divine AscentFile:Edmundbeingmartyred.jpg|100px|The Ladder]]; Saint [[John the Silent]] martyrdom of St. Sabbas' Monastery; Saint [[Zosimas of Syracuse|ZosimasEdmund]], [[Bishop]] of Syracuse; [[</div> Prophet]] Joad ([[10th century BC) (III Kingdoms|I Kgs]] Kings 13:11) , who dwelt in Bethel; Prophet Joel (c. 800 BC) (''see also [[ApostlesOctober 19]] '');Holy Apostles [[Apostle Sosthenes|Sosthenes]], [[Apostle Apollo|Apollos]], [[Apostle Cephas|Cephas]], [[Apostle Caesar|Caesar]], and [[Apostle Epaphroditus|Epaphroditus]], of the [[SeventyApostles]] (1st century); Saint Eubula, mother of Saint St. [[Panteleimon]](304);Venerable John the Hermit of Cilicia (4th century); Saint John II, Patriarch of Jerusalem (5th century);Venerable [[John the Silent]] (''John Hesychastes''), Bishop of Colonia (Taxara) in Armenia, and later a monk of [[Holy Lavra of St. Savas (Jerusalem)|St. Sabbas Monastery]] (558) (''see also [[December 3]]'');Venerable [[JohnClimacus]] of [[St. Catherine's Monastery (Sinai)|Sinai]], author of ''[[Patriarch The Ladder of JerusalemDivine Ascent]]'' (615); Venerable Zosimas, Bishop of Syracuse (662) (''see also [[HieromartyrJanuary 21]] '')Saint Quirinus, the jailer of Pope Alexander I, martyr (c. 117);Saint Regulus (''Rieul''), by tradition a Greek, he is honoured as the first Bishop of Senlis in France (c. 260);Saint Mamertinus of Auxerre, a monk and then Abbot of Sts Cosmas and Damian in Auxerre in France (c. 462);Saint Fergus, Bishop of Downpatrick in Ireland (6th century);Saint Pastor, Bishop of Orleans in France (6th century);Saint Tola of Clonard, Abbot and Bishop of Disert Tola in Meath in Ireland (c. 733);Saint Patto (''Pacificus''), Bishop of Werden in Germany (c. 788);Saint Clinius, a Greek monk of [[Zacharius of Corinth|ZachariasMonte Cassino]], Bishop he became Abbot of St Peter's near Pontecorvo, where his relics were venerated;Saint Osburga of Coventry, Abbess of Coventry (c. 1015);New Hieromartyr Zachariah, Metropolitan of Corinth(1684); Saint [[Sophronius of Irkutsk|Sophronius]], Bishop of Irkutskand All Siberia (1771); the '''Other Commemorations:'''The Meeting of the [[Mother of God ]] and Saint [[Elizabeth]]; translation Translation of the [[relics]] of the Martyr -King [[Edmund the Martyr|Edmund of East Anglia]]; Saint OsburgaRepose of Blessed Matrona (Mylnikova) the Barefoot, of St. Petersburg, Fool for Christ (1911). <noinclude>[[AbbessCategory:Calendar day templates|March 30]] of Coventry</noinclude>

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