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Journeys to Orthodoxy

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Journeys (conversion) to Orthodoxy from...: Fixed broken links
==== Christian Church / [[Wikipedia:Church of Christ|Church of Christ]] / Disciples of Christ ====
*[http From Evangelical to Orthodox] by Fr. Gregory Rogers*[http A Journey of Fear and Joy] by John Craton
==== [[Evangelicalism|Evangelical]] - General ====
*[ Spiritual Biography] by Huw Raphael of the blog [ Doxos]
*[http In the Passenger Seat] by [[Khouria]] [[Frederica Mathewes-Green]]
==== Plymouth Brethren ====
=== [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholicism]] ===
*[ Two Paths] by Michael Whelton
*[http://www.geocitiesoocities.comorg/trvalentine/orthodox/convtrv1.html Crossing Bridges: The Story of a Spiritual Journey] by Thomas Ross Valentine*[ -christianity-in-public-life American Salvation: The Place of Christianity in Public Life] by Albert J. Raboteau
== Collections of Conversion Stories ==

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