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Seraphim (Ivanov) of Chicago

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In October 1957, Bp. Seraphim was appointed ruling bishop of the [[Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America (ROCOR)|Diocese of Chicago, Detroit, and Midwest]] succeeding Abp. [[Gregory (Borishkevitch) of Chicago|Gregory (Borishkevitch)]] who had reposed. In 1959, he was elevated to [[archbishop]].
In 19691960, Abp. Seraphim and Abp. Theophil (Ionscu), a Romanian [[bishop]] who was a member of ROCOR, consecrated Archimandrite Akakios, a member of the Greek Old Calendar Church, a bishop. Metr. [[Anastasy (Gribanovsky) of Kishinev|Anastassy]] and the Holy Synod, however, did not sanction the consecration. In late 1969, however, Metr. [[Philaret (Voznesensky) of New York|Philaret]] and the Synod confirmed the consecration.
Being very interested in the youth of the [[church]], Abp. Seraphim established the Organization of Russian Orthodox Pathfinders which established a summer camp in a rural area west of Chicago, called Vladimirovo, This led to his appointment by the Holy Synod to oversee the youth programs for all of ROCOR.

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