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Athanasios (Akunda) of Kisumu

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'''His Grace Athanasios (Akunda) , Bishop of Kisumu and West Kenya''' was the first bishop of the [[Diocese of Kisumu]] in East Africa.
== Life ==
His Grace Athanasios (Amos Akunda Masaba) Bishop of Kisumu and West Kenya, was born in Ebusitatsi Ebukhubi, Bunyore, West Kenya. He studied at Mundecheyo Primary and Mill Hill Catholic High School, the “Makarios III” Seminary, and the Holy Cross Theological Academy in the USA. He was also a Doctor of Theology (DTH) from the UNISA State University of South Africa. He was ordained Deacon on [[April 12]] 1998 by His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim of Zimbabwe and Presbyter on [[July 25]] 2002 by the same Hierarch as Metropolitan of Johannesburg and Pretoria. He was consecrated as [[Archimandrite]] on [[January 18] 2010 by His Eminence Damaskinos Metropolitan of Johannesburg and Pretoria. He served in the Metropolis of Kenya, the Metropolis of Boston, USA, and the Missions of South Africa. He was also a Lecturer in Ceremonial rites, Patristics, Culture, Anthropology and Ecumenism at the “Makarios III” Patriarchal Seminary in Kenya. He was a member of the Association of the Theological Institutions of Eastern Africa (ATIEA).
On [[November 24]] 2015, by proposal of His Beatitude [[Theodoros II (Choreftakis) of Alexandria]], he was elected by the Holy Synod of the [[Patriarchate of Alexandria]] as Bishop of the newly-established [[Diocese of Kisumu and West Kenya]]. He was ordained by His Beatitude on [[December 6]] 2015.
He reposed on January 4, 2019.
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