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Basil the Great

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[[File:01 basil2.jpg|right|frame|Icon of Saint Basil at]]Our father among the saints '''Basil the Great''' (ca. 330 - [[January 1]], 379), was [[bishop]] of [[Caesarea]], a leading churchman in the 4th century. The Church considers him a [[saint]] and one of the [[Three Holy Hierarchs]], together with Saints [[Gregory the Theologian]] (Gregory Nazianzus) and [[John Chrysostom]]. Basil, Gregory the Theologian, and Basil's brother Saint [[Gregory of Nyssa]] are called the [[Cappadocian Fathers]]. The [[Roman Catholic Church]] also considers him a saint and calls him a Doctor of the Church.
Basil's memory is celebrated on [[January 1]]; he is also remembered on [[January 30]] with the [[Three Holy Hierarchs]]. In Greek tradition, he is supposed to visit children and give presents every [[January 1]]. This festival is also marked by the baking of [[Vasilopita|Saint Basil's bread]] (Gr. ''Vasilópita''), a sweetbread sweet bread with a coin hidden inside.
He should not be confused with Saint [[Basil the Blessed]], [[Fool-for-Christ]], a Russian [[saint]], after whom [[St. Basil's Cathedral (Moscow)|St. Basil's Cathedral]], on Red Square in Moscow, is named.
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