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Constantine XI Palaiologos

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Saintly Status
== Saintly Status ==
Orthodox do not consider Constantine XI a [[saint]], though there are some who incorrectly, personally consider him so because of their love of the Byzantine (Roman) Empire. However, the last Emperor has never been recognized as a Saint due to his heretical beliefs and his compromising of the Faith in order to gain material aid from Latin lands. When the Empire was in need, he sought Latin military aid by reaffirming the heretical statements of the Council of Florence.<ref>[].</ref>. And it is said that he defiled the Church of Agia Sophia the day/night before the Fall with a blended Divine Liturgy and Latin mass. <ref>].</ref>.In attempting to preserve an earthly Empire, he lost a Heavenly Kingdom. In contrast, there is a Saint of Serbia (, [[Tzar Lazar)]], who gave up an earthly Kingdom for the Heavenly. The Faith is always more important than earthly possessions.
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