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Order of Kathisma Readings (based on The Typicon, Chapter 17)
:Let it be known how, from Cheesefare Sunday, even until the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, the Polyeleos is celebrated: it is sung only at vigils of feasts of the Lord. But after the apodosis of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, even until Cheesefare Sunday, except during forefeasts and afterfeasts of the Nativity of Christ and Theophany, in cathedrals and other large churches, on Sundays at Matins the Polyeleos is sung, and likewise in larger monastic communities.
:<br><br><center>{| border="1" cellpadding="2"!Day!!Matins!!Vespers|-!Su|II, III|| -|-!M|IV, V||VI|-!Tu|VII, VIII||IX|-!W|X, XI||XII|-!Th|XIII, XIV||XV|-!F|XIX, XX||XVIII|-!Sa|XVI, XVII||I|-|}</center>Notes: On Thomas Sunday at Matins, the 17th kathisma is not said, since the Polyeleos (Psalms 134 & 135) is sung. On other Sundays, when the Polyeleos is not sung, at Matins we also say the 17th kathisma, with its troparia. But if a Sunday should coincide with a feast of the Lord, or of the Theotokos, or of a commemorated saint, after the two kathismata is the Polyeleos and, after the megalynarion, having not sung "Glory.., both now..." or "Alleluia", we sing the troparia "The assembly of angels..." and after the litany, the sessional hymn of the feast, or of the saint. On Sunday at Vespers throughout the whole year the Psalter is never sung, except, if a feast should occur, then we sing "Blessed is the man...", the first antiphon. At the Midnight Office, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday throughout the whole year, we say the 17th kathisma, "Blessed are the blameless in the way...", but on Saturday at the Midnight Office, we always say the 9th kathisma, "Unto Thee, O God, belongeth praise in Zion".

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