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Orthodoxy in Hawaii

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A Miracle in the Islands
During the month of October in the year 2007, a great miracle occurred in the State of Hawaii when the Miracleworking and Myrrh-streaming "Hawaiian" Iveron Icon of the Theotokos began streaming myrrh in the home of an Orthodox Christian couple in Honolulu.
[[Image:IveronIcon1IveronIcon.jpg|left|frame|The Wonderworking "Hawaiian" Myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon]]
The Iveron Icon, a small mounted print, (a copy of the Montreal [[Panagia Portaitissa|Iveron]] Icon), originally purchased at the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral's small church kiosk in Toronto by Archpriest Anatole V. Lyovin, was given to the Reader Nectarios in Hawaii as a gift for the aforementioned name's day. This Icon was in the Reader's possession for eight years before it, along with a small hand-painted cross, began exuding a fragrant oil-like substance traditionally referred to as "myrrh" by the Orthodox Church. It was decided by Archbishop [[Kyrill (Dmitrieff) of San Francisco|Kyrill]] of San Francisco that this Icon of the Mother of God was to be taken to the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Cathedral in San Francisco where it underwent investigation and testing and was carefully examined by the Archbishop and a commission of priests to verify the Icon's miraculous attributes.
As She travels, the Holy Icon has been lovingly called in Greek, "The Wandering Panaghia" since She does not have a [ memorial church shrine] to call Her own. When resources become available, plans are underway to build a proper chapel or church structure in Hawaii to house the Mother of God's Wonderworking Icon. It has also been affectionately referred to as the "Protectress of the Orthodox in Hawaii" by some of the Orthodox Christian faithful in Hawaii, since Orthodox Christians from all the Hawaii parishes have come to love and have grown very close to this miracle from God.
May She forever protect the Christian faithful of Hawaii!
==Parishes in Hawaii==

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