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===Other Mormon "Scriptures"===
Mormons also have an open canon. As a result they have multiple sources of scripture. They accept as Scripture the ''Doctrine and Covenants'', containing 138 "revelations" and two "official declarations" allegedly given to Joseph Smith and his successors; together with . They also accept as scripture a text Mormons call the ''Pearl of Great Price'', containing which contains a variety of disconnected by Mormons believe revealed texts. These include the "Book of Moses," (a rewriting by text that Joseph Smith claimed was a revealed restoration of text written by Moses but which had been removed from the first part of the Book of Genesis), and that focuses on the Creation of the world and the ministry of Enoch; the "Book of Abraham," (a purported text Smith claimed to have translated form an ancient Egyptian scroll and which professes to be an account of the Patriarch [[Abraham]], with his early life in Ur, and the Creation which references to multiple "gods" in the act of creation, rather than one God), as Mormons do not accept the Trinity as discussed above. Some Mormons also interpret the "council of gods" mentioned in Abraham to possibly refer to pre-mortal human spirits which are here referred to as "gods" in the same manner that Psalm 82:6 calls those to whom the word of God has come as "gods" and various other texts by Smithto the way which the Savior refers to this scripture in John 10.
Additionally, Joseph Smith rewrote sections of the entire Bible "by inspiration" during his lifetime, making substantial additions to the text, deleting the Song of Solomon entirelywhich he claimed were originally there but removed, and otherwise shaping its text to conform to his own teachings (including an alleged prophecy of his own coming). While this text was never officially adopted by the main LDS church (it was adopted, on the other hand, by the Community of Christ), portions a portion of -Joseph Smith's reworking of Matthew 24- it appear appears in the ''Pearl of Great Price'' and as footnotes in the official LDS editions of the King James Version of the Bible (still , the KJV being the official English language Bible for the LDS Church. Lastly, there is a section in the "Pearl of Great Price," titled the "Articles of Faith." These are 13 basic statements of official LDS version)beliefs. Joseph Smith first wrote them in a letter to John Wentworth, an American newspaper editor, in response to Mr. Wentworth's request to know what members of the Church believed. They were subsequently published in Church periodicals. Eventually they were canonized.
==Mormonism and Polygamy==

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