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Explained LDS theolgy is difefrent from Arianism.
==Arianism today==
Today, a so-called "Holy Arian Catholic and Apostolic Church" in England claims to proclaim Arius's teachings, even "canonizing" him in 2006. However, this body differs with its namesake on several crucial points, including its rejection of the [[Nativity|Virgin Birth]] and [[Resurrection]] of Christ, which Arius himself never questioned. The Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormon sects are often accused (especially the former) of being Arian; while both certainly exhibit doctrines which tend toward Arianism—which are rejected by the Orthodox Church as being heretical, along with many other teachings—each sect's [[Christology]] differs somewhat from classic Arian doctrine. Mormon theology, for example, rejects the Trinity as Arius did but teaches that Jesus was/is Jehovah and is an eternally existing being.
No remnant of any of the Arian sects established in Western Europe or elsewhere is known to exist today.

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