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In terms of Metallinos’ claim that the saint had no access to Western sources, you need to back that up more specifically: Was he referencing that particular work, or in all cases, and relative to not directly knowing their original text without translations/intermediaries? If you want to give a direct quote and contextualize, that would help. Re Anselmian view of atonement, there is a good recent study of how that was incorporated as one among a number of emphases by Orthodox writers, though not in any way exclusive, and that is how what you call Metallinos’ claim is contextualized. Relying heavily on Yannaras with language indicating his view is factual is problematic given that other Orthodox scholars have offered critiques of Yannaras’ methodology in approaching earlier texts as colored by (in their view) ultra-Orthodox academic theories. I’ve added in the narrative reference to Bishop Basil of Wichita’s teaching on the saint’s writing as well as a counter-balance. [[User:Kentigern|Kentigern]] ([[User talk:Kentigern|talk]]) 02:53, July 29, 2018 (UTC)
The Metallinos quote is from his introduction to the ''Exomologetarion''. He continues the quote, "because at this stage (Nicodemus) operated freely within the parameters of hagiographical and Patristic language and tradition." This is rich. The Anselmian language isn't Patristic, and Metallinos' argument boils down to N uses Aneelmian language but he doesn't mean it. And where in "Patristic language and tradition" does one find the practice of indulgences that N engaged in? I'm the one who has been putting citations into this article. I'd like to see a citation for Larchet, for example. The only one is to an article about personhood and referring to texts by the Cappadocians and Maximus the Confessor -- his critique of Yannaraa' approach refers to patristic texts, not modern texts such as the modern Catholic texts Nicodemus used. No evidence is offered to explain away how the Anselmian language, that even Metallinos says if repugnant, doesn't really mean what it says. And no evidence that this is Yannaras somehow misreading Nicodemus. --[[User:Fr Lev|Fr Lev]] ([[User talk:Fr Lev|talk]]) 14:19, July 30, 2018 (UTC)

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