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Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

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St. Nicodemus was a prolific translator and editor of texts. In addition, he wrote three original works that are commentaries on some of the Church's liturgical books: ''The Eortodromion (or Commentary on the Canons of the Dominical and Marian Feasts)'', the ''New Klimax (or Commentary on the Seventy-FIve Anavathmoi of the Octoechos)'', and ''The Garden of Graces (or an Elegant Interpretation of the Nine Odes of the Stichologia''.  In 1777, [[Saint]] [[Macarius Notaras of Corinth|Makarius of Corinth]] visited him and gave him three texts to edit and revise: the ''[[Philokalia]]'', a defining work on [[monastic]] spirituality, ''On Frequent Holy Communion'' and the ''Evergetinos,'' a collection drawing on the lives of the desert fathers. He also wrote original works such as ''Lives of the Saints''. He also later compiled the writings of St. [[Symeon the New Theologian]] and the writings of St. [[Gregory Palamas]], although the latter collection was sadly and mistakenly destroyed amid political controversy over Greek revolts.
The Orthodox theological professor Fr. [[Stanley S. Harakas|Stanley Harakas]], in his preface to the 1989 English translation of the saint's "A Handbook of Spiritual Counsel" in the Classics of Western Spirituality series, wrote that "He embodied the best traditions of Orthodox Christianity, which may be characterized as holistic and integrative." And Dr. George Bebis, in a survey of St. Nicodemus' prolific writings in the same volume, describes him as "A man who grasped both the letter and the spirit of the canons of the Church....also a pastor par excellence."

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