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Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

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*''Christian Morality''. With Scholarly Introduction and Commentary by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna. Etna: Institute for Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies, 2012. ISBN 9781884729973
*''Concerning Frequent Communion of the Immaculate Mysteries of Christ'' (The Works of St Nikodemos the Hagiorite, vol. 2). Uncut Mountain Press, 2006. This Is a popularization of the earlier edition complied by St Makarios of Corinth. Preface by Archimandrite Chrysostom Maidones. ISBN 9789608677852
*''Confession of Faith'' (The Works of St Nikodemos the Hagiorite, vol. 3). Uncut Mountain Press, 2004. Translated with an Introduction By Fr. George Dokos with a Preface by George S. Bebis. ISBN 9789608677890

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